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Maalouf Trading and Contracting - Profile

Started in 1978 as JTMEST (Joseph Toufic Maalouf Establishment for Engineering & Contracting), it expanded in 2011 to trading of industry - related products, and became Maalouf Trading and Contracting s.a.l.

During the last 40 years, Maalouf Trading & Contracting, and more precisely JTMEST, has built an extensive experience in the public and private general contracting fields. Its projects include civil works, commercial and corporate buildings, water and waste (management) projects, and electrical infrastructures projects. The extensive number of medium scale and large scale projects as well as the excellence in delivering the contracted work, whether in the quality of the work, the commitment to the timelines, the after delivery support, and the corporate responsibility proven throughout the years, have entitled the company to gain privileged classifications reserved to the contracting in the public sector and to gain a reputation and leading position in the private contracting sector.


In 2011, Maalouf Trading & Contracting became Exclusive Distributor for HCPS from The Netherlands who is an expert in the design and supply of Parking and Tunnel ventilation systems and has tested and commissioned more than 2000 parkings worldwide. 

To our valuable customers and partners:

Since its establishment in 1978, our contracting company vision has been to grow steadily and reliably through serving customers with the highest ethical, respect and quality standards. It is this vision that has helped us gain not only technical qualifications and classifications but a reputation that we believe is our most valuable asset.


Today our family owned company - Maalouf Trading & Contracting s.a.l - is committed to sustain the growth along with preserving the legacy that JTMEST has relegated to it. We look forward to service our current clients and increase our reach to new clients for successful achievments in our fields of expertise.